Privacy Policy

Data security is very important to us. We will treat your personal data compliant with Federal Data Protection Act.


With task of ordering you give consent to use your data within Bayreuth porcelain factory Walküre GmbH. Generally, you may visit our website without leaving any personal data.


During initial contact, data in terms of personal information such as: surename, first name, address, age, and e-mail address will be collected for business- and marketing purposes. Details of orders can be evaluated relating to sales figures and frequency of purchase to obtain optimum performance for customer needs.


All necessary data for business purposes will be stored and within the limits of order processing passed on to our affiliate service partners. Taken for granted, all personal data will be kept in strict confidence.


In any way possible, your personal data will be protected. All personal data will be encrypted before leaving your PC and be transferred via internet. For that reason we are using authorized and reliable SSL- (Secure Socket Layer) transmittal with a 128-bit encryption. Outsiders are not in a position to read your encrypted personal data about your order, name, address, credit card or bank details


To secure oneself against abuse, please support us in our efforts to the effect that you never pass on your online-shop password to third parties.